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David Harris

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 Grand Master David Harris is a licensed massage therapist and co-owner of Divine Source Wellness, Grandmaster David is a 10th degree black belt in the martial arts, and as such holds the degree of Grandmastery in the healing martial art known as Shun Shen Tao.


Shun Shen Tao means “The Easy Spiritual Way”, and encompasses some of the world’s most brilliantly simple and most powerful techniques for healing, whether it be physical injury, chronic illness, emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, or of a spiritual or energetic nature.  The Shun Shen Tao Healing System is used exclusively in his practice.  He has founded multiple systems of healing, one of which is 'Yes Therapy'.


Grandmaster David is also founder and president of the SRC4U software which has revolutionized and changed the lives of so many. In 2005, Grandmaster David started studying quantum field physics, in an effort to bridge the gap between traditional understanding of energy and modern day science. After six years of research and development, he invented the SRC4U technology, which merged ancient traditional healing methods with modern day technology. In 2013, he was awarded the Kentucky Colonel Award from the governer’s office in the state of Kentucky for his development of the SRC4U technology.

He has been inducted multiple times into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is a former national and world champion of kumite style fighting and brick breaking, in which his brick breaking record held is 18 bricks with the arm, and 10 bricks with the groin.  He is also a two time recipient of the Wong Fei Hong Excellence in Martial Arts Award, which is the highest award given to someone for excellence in both the physical martial arts and healing

Grandmaster David developed his own style of healing arts known as Shun Shen Tao, so that others could learn how to heal themselves and their loved ones, without having to practice the combat side of martial arts.  Shun Shen Tao combines various energetic and physical qi gong techniques to correct imbalances and restore the flow of chi in the body.

Grandmaster David has a small private practice in the Tampa Bay Area in which he works on clients, and also enjoys teaching Shun Shen Tao Qi Gong classes, to help empower others to learn how to heal themselves. He also offers customized remote sessions, and monthly remote programs using the SRC4U technology.  

Emily Weissman

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Emily is a licensed massage therapist with over 15 years of experience. She is a practitioner of Shun Shen Tao, a healing system that combines various hands on physical and energetic tecniques.  Emily specializes in cupping, ultrasound, gua sha, advanced stretching techniques, and alternative bodywork tools to provide customized sessions that offer the most benefit for each client.


Emily is also certified in "The Tranquility Method", which is an emotional clearing technique that addresses both subconscious and conscious, emotional and spiritual imbalances and traumas.  Her main goals are to provide relaxation, reduce pain, relieve stress, and restore balance by removing congestion and restoring the free flow of chi.

She strives to empower her clients by teaching self help techniques and education through lifestyle guidance, and awareness. When correcting "imbalances" she addresses all aspects of self, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. 

Emily has been studying under Grandmaster David Harris for over 5 years, and is enrolled in ongoing classes to further her education as a therapist. She is a Reiki Master and has been practicing Reiki since 2003, and her areas of independent study and interest include nutrition, herbs, chinese medicine, qi gong, playing the piano, and composing music. 


Emily offers remote energy sessions for people and pets utilizing the SRC4U technology. She also manages the Divine Source Wellness website, and Grandmaster David's private practice.

Aimee Weissman

    Aimee Weissman is a passionate musician, who has been writing and composing original songs since she was 13 years old. In 2017 she made her way onto the set of American Idol. After multiple rounds of auditions, she was selected as part of the final 15 from Orlando to move to the next phase, and got the opportunity to audition in front of the celebrity judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan! The judges felt Aimee did an great performace, but needed more experience, and made the recommendation to come back at a later date.


    Meanwhile, Aimee's passion and love for music, combined with her knowledge of the healing arts, led her to the singing bowls. Aimee has crafted her own style of sound bowl sessions. The sound bowls, when played, create a beautiful "music",  sending out frequencies, that resonate and create a sense of complete relaxation.  Her sessions are customized, and create a deep sense of peace, tranquility, balance, and relaxation. 

    During a session, Aimee selects various sound bowls, that are rested on different places of the body, and played. The soothing sound that the bowls make, creates waves of frequencies, that ripple out, and effect the physical body. Tension and stress melt away, along with physical tensions as well.

    Sessions are currently offered on a donation basis. Now accepting new clients. 

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