Ultrasound Massage

The Benefits of Ultrasound

Ultrasound massage uses high frequency sound waves to penetrate deep into your body to help relieve pain and soreness.  The sound waves relax tight muscles and tissues, providing a warm, relaxing effect. 

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a device with a small metal head, that generates sound waves. These sound waves produce a penetrative heat that is able reach deep into the tissue, thereby assisting the body in relaxing tight muscles.

Massage is performed with an ultrasonic head, to help break up congestion and release stubborn areas of tightness in the body.  

Who needs it?

Ultrasound can help clients by encouraging tight muscles to relax, thereby helping to alleviate pain.  Ultrasound can be performed on various part of the body, including upper traps, neck, back, lower back, legs, and arms. The penetrative heat may assist the body to help repair acute injuries more quickly, and can also help with chronic stubborn tightness or knots in the muscle tissue.

What does it do?

Sound waves sent into your tissues create heat, improving circulation and aiding in the healing process. Heat generated from ultrasound application helps relax the knotted muscle. Heat is healing, and ultrasound provides heat. 

Ultrasound therapy increases circulation, which speeds healing time.  In addition, the warming character of the ultrasound improves blood flow which in turn reduces pain. 

Ultrasound massage, by raising the temperature in the previously injured area, increases flexibility in scar tissue.  An increase in flexibility leads to increased range of motion. 

Ultrasound massage can be extremely effective in penetrating deep tissue congestion resulting in increased circulation and a reduction of pain. 

Is it sore?

Ultrasound massage is a very relaxing therapy. The massage is performed with an ultrasonic head, directly on the skin. All of our massage therapy and bodywork sessions include heated tables, warmed with infrared jade stone heating mats. 

*NOTE: Please make sure you only receive ultrasound massage from a licensed professional, as there can be complications and detox reactions from improper use of the ultrasound device.  There are many positive benefits of ultrasound massage, and it is a very safe and effective therapy when performed by a trained licensed therapist. 

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