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This is for a one hour remote dowsing session with Emily. Dowsing is an extremely and powerful tool to clear energies, balance and harmonize a person, place or thing, dowsing can also effect past events causing conscious or subconscious trauma or emotional stress in our present lives. Dowsing can effect many aspects including spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional, and physical layers.


If you have a specific request or focus for your session, please email it to  You can select up to 3 requests per session. You can describe the situation or issue briefly, or in detail as needed.

You can also just experience a general clearing and rebalancing session as well.


Typically, we are able to schedule your dowsing sessions within 24-72 hours.


If you need session work sooner, we will always do our best to accommodate you, so please specify in the email a specific time frame if applicable and we will respond to you with a time frame for completion of the session.


Emily will email you after the session to let you know she has completed the session, along with any guidance, or links to a video, or share additional information as guided to do so.


Emily has been training directly under Grandmaster David Harris for almost a decade, and uses a combination of Shun Shen Tao Techniques, and Prayer Techniques from the Christian Healing Arts. She sources all energy directly through God, as God is responsible for all healing, Emily is just the vessel in which God’s energy flows.


Please allow 3 to 7 days for the energies to integrate after your session.

We will recommend a follow plan up after your session is completed, which will vary on a case to case basis.

Remote Dowsing Session with Emily

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