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Remote Energy 


         Long Distance Energy Sessions

Experience the incredible power of our Shun Shen Tao energy sessions for yourself or your pets. Our effective and powerful remote energy sessions have left countless clients feeling more balanced, rejuvenated, and aligned with their goals.  

With a focus on enhancing physical, emotional and spiritual well-being by reducing stress, clearing negativity, and aligning the chakras & meridians, we will work on your energy field, giving you the convenience to receive the benefits of a session from the comfort of your own home. And yes, we also extend our remote energy sessions to your furry friends, providing them with the same level of care and attention.  

The source of our energy sessions comes from God, only the creator above has the power to help make us whole, we are just the conduits from which his energy flows. Our prayer based energy work will send out powerful "ripples" to help support wellness and wholeness.

The best way to describe what a session feels like, is to TRY one! We have hundreds of happy customers, and are committed to sharing our abilities and knowledge to help others. 

At the affordable rate of $125 per session, you can unlock the benefits of remote energy healing at a price that won't break the bank.  Buy a package of 10 for $100 each. Schedule your Shun Shen Tao energy session today and experience the transformative effects on your body, mind and soul. 

             HOW DOES IT WORK?

Go To SHOP and add your session or package of sessions to the cart. Check out, and then be sure to email us at with REMOTE ENERGY in the subject line, To expedite scheduling, be sure to include the following information:

1. Your name or your pets name

2. Include What you would like us to focus our session on. Please use a numbered list of up to 5 things for us to focus on per session.

3. Please list the date you would like the session to take place, or you may request "first available"

4. You may request energy work for a present situation, a future event, or a past event (trauma, grief, loss, etc), or for imbalances or emotions you are currently experiencing. We work on EVERYTHING, as everything is Energy. 

Please note, after your scheduled session begins, you will continue to feel subtle shifts throughout the day, and this energy will continue to create gentle yet powerful changes in your energy field. 

We will notify you by email when your session has begun. Due to the low cost, we will not be able to provide personalized feedback after each session. 

You will also be subscribed to our monthly newsletter, where we provide a "recap" of shifts and changes in the energetic fields, currently effecting the Earth, and consequently many people. 

If you have any questions please email us at 

Book A Shun Shen Tao energy session today and experience the transformative benefits of our powerful energy sessions for yourself or your furry friends.  










Customized, One on One Remote Energy Sessions over the phone or zoom are by appointment. We offer both Emotional Clearing, and Spiritual Clearing. You will receive one on one, individualized attention during the duration of your session, and work directly with a practitioner via phone or zoom. A Focused Energy Session can help support emotional; mental; physical; and spiritual imbalances. Your will be able to speak with your practitioner directly as they work on you remotely. Sessions are booked by the hour. 



The Serenity Method, developed by Grandmaster David Harris, addresses deep rooted emotional imbalances, traumas, childhood memories and events of the past, clearing and neutralizing the negative energies and imprints associated with them. The Serenity Method helps bring us closer to emotional freedom by dissolving the roots and threads that hold these negative energies together.  By dissolving the cobwebs of our past through emotional clearing, this allows us to experience the peace and serenity within.


We can experience Serenity right now, regardless of whether or not we have reached our goals, or whether or not we are where we want to be in our journey.  By clearing out traumas and negative energies, we can find clarity, comfort, peace, joy, and serenity in this moment, right now.

Communication for The Serenity Method sessions will be via phone, and the client can be on the phone for the session, or, as an alternative option, sessions can also be done completely remotely (without phone).

Ryu Harris offers remote session work and specializes in The Serenity Method, which is a powerful technique for emotional clearing. Ryu also specializes in the Emotional Rescue Method, a powerful Shun Shen Tao technique for emotional clearing and well being.


It is highly encouraged to book a series of sessions when first

beginning the process of remote emotional clearing work. 

The first session may need up to 90 minutes, and 3 or 4

consecutive sessions are recommended, once per week

initially.  Extended Sessions over 60 minutes will be pro-rated. 


Please email to schedule a session or call 813-421-9475. 

Session length: 60 min

Cost: $150 per session





Energy is all around of us, and the invisible spiritual world exists regardless of whether or not we can see it. Spiritual clearing helps detach and remove negative energies from the body, that may be impacting our health in ways we are not aware of. A remote session may be helpful to "reset" our energetic fields, and clear away the heaviness and oppressive energies we have picked up in our daily routine, or over time.

Shun Shen Tao Spiritual Clearing Sessions can help remove negative energies from the body, and act as a "reset and refresh" button for the body, mind and soul. These sessions are great for general emotional clearing, and can also address deeper emotional, energetic and spiritual imbalances. Sessions can address a person, situation past or present, or groups of people (for example: a household or family). We also love working on pets, and multiple pets can be included in the same session.

Master Jonathan Askren is a martial arts instructor and minister who specializes in long distance Shun Shen Tao Spiritual Clearing Sessions. These sessions are 60 minutes, and performed remotely in the comfort of your own home.  Master Jonathan Askren has studied under Grandmaster David and specializes in Emotional Clearing Techniques. He has advanced training and experience in spiritual clearing, and removing attachments, cords, and negative entities and energies associated with the spiritual realm.

Alternatively, sessions can also be performed completely remotely, on a loved one or yourself, pet, relative, child, mother, or anyone in need of spiritual clearing, without being on the phone or zoom call. 

Sessions can be booked on an as needed basis, and clients

have reported a positive difference when booking bi-weekly, 

or monthly spiritual clearing sessions! Clients have reported incredible results from just one session.

Please email or call 813-421-9475 to schedule a session.

Session Length: 60 min

Cost: $250 per hour 

Special Package Discounts Available



 Sessions via Phone/Zoom

Emotional Clearing

Spiritual Clearing

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