Remote Energy Sessions are scheduled in advance, and performed remotely, while in the comfort of your own home or location of your choice. Remote energy sessions can help support emotional; mental; physical; and spiritual imbalances. 

Grandmaster David now offers remote sessions, which can be done via skype or phone. This session includes a very thorough and deep energetic, emotional and spiritual clearing.  Sessions are scheduled bi-weekly on Sundays. These sessions can also be done, entirely remotely, in which the client does not have to be present on the phone or in contact with Grandmaster David for the session.


Please email to schedule a session.

Session length is usually 60 minutes. Cost is $350 for 60 minutes, and can be pro-rated for 30 minutes. 




Ryu Harris now offers remote sessions, and specializes in The Serenity Method, which is a powerful technique for emotional clearing. The Serenity Method, developed by Grandmaster David Harris, addresses deep rooted emotional imbalances, traumas, childhood memories and events of the past, clearing and neutralizing the negative energies and imprints associated with them. The Serenity Method helps bring us closer to emotional freedom by dissolving the roots and threads that hold these negative energies together.  By dissolving the cobwebs of our past through emotional clearing, this allows us to experience the peace and serenity within.


We can experience Serenity right now, regardless of whether or not we have reached our goals, or whether or not we are where we want to be in our journey.  By clearing out traumas and negative energies, we can find clarity, comfort, peace, joy, and serenity in this moment, right now.

Communication for the The Serenity Method sessions will be via phone, and the client can be on the phone for the session, or, as an alternative option, sessions can also be done completely remotely (without phone).

Ryu also specializes in the Emotional Rescue Method, a powerful Shun Shen Tao technique for emotional clearing and well being. 

Please email to schedule a session or call 813-421-9475

Session length: 45-60 min

Cost: $100 per session


Jonathan Askren is a martial arts instructor and minister who specializes in long distance Shun Shen Tao Clearing Sessions. These sessions are 60 minutes, and performed remotely in the comfort of your own home.  Shun Shen Tao Clearing Sessions can help remove negative energies from the body, and act as a "reset and refresh" button for the body, mind and soul. These sessions are great for general emotional clearing, and can also address deeper emotional, energetic and spiritual imbalances. Sessions can address a person, situation past or present, or groups of people (for example: a household or family). Jonathan also loves working on pets, and multiple pets can be included in the same session. Jonathan has studied under Grandmaster David and specializes in Emotional Clearing Techniques. 

Please email or call 813-421-9475 to schedule a session.

Session Length: 60 min

Cost: $150 per hour