The SRC4U computer software  programs utilize Qi Gong, and more specifically, Shun Shen Tao methodologies and techniques to assist individuals to balance out negative patterns caused by stress (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).  The relief of stress assists the body and the person to function in a more balanced way.  When the body is more balanced, the immune system can work at an optimum level
Using Src4you software we can now access the divine energy matrix to enhance the life force energy in your body.
This software is state of the art technology made possible by Grandmaster David Harris, CEO and founder of SRC4U. Based in quantum physics, the software can be difficult to explain or understand. We recommend starting with a free trial, to experience it firsthand.
Whether you are experiencing physical, emotional, or spiritual attack this intuitive software will alleviate the stress in your life, thereby promoting balance and supporting well-being.
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