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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking invention, Meta Balance. This advanced intuitive software is designed to revolutionize the way you handle stress and rejuvenate your mind, all accessible through your fingertips through your Android or Apple Cell Phone, computer laptop or ipad.

Take Advantage Of Our Special Pricing for 2024 only $650 for the entire year for a personal account, and $850 for a family account. The family account can be used by 5 people; they do not have to be in the same household. 

*NOTE: We are extending our BOGO for personal subscriptions until Jan 31st, 2024! Take advantage of this incredible deal and sign up today! 


To Purchase Please Email Us and we will get right back to you. We can process your order through a secure online billing invoice. We can also process your order via phone. 


Email Us: to request an invoice. 

Call us at 813-421-9475 to place a phone order.

After two years of dedicated hard work,  Grandmaster David has successfully developed Meta Balance to help individuals regain control over their stress levels and create a better life.  We are excited to share this incredible technology with you, and what's even better is that we are offering Beta Testing and free access until the end of the year!

By signing up for Beta Testing, you will be able to experience this powerful new technology firsthand, while providing invaluable feedback through a form directly on the website which will help us improve the program and ease of use. 

Users who participate in Beta Testing will be offered a
discounted rate to continue in the New Year. We are currently offering Meta Balance for the low price of $650/year for a personal subscription. You can also get a family account for just $850/year for up to 5 users! (The users do not have to be in the same household).

Help us spread the good news by blessing others with this wonderful program.  Share with family and friends, and loved ones so they too can benefit from Meta Balance while it is in Beta Testing. Together, let's empower individuals to take control of their stress and create a better world and more balanced life. 

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to transform your mind and well-being.

Visit to create  your free account and begin your journey towards a revitalized life with Meta Balance. 

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Revitalize Your Mind

The Meta Balance software is quiet and makes no audible sounds while in use.  The programs vibrations are not in the audible spectrum so it has quiet operation.  Opening many windows at one time will amplify the session strength.   

Meta Balance is a stand alone program, entirely separate from the SRC4U, designed for personal self use.  This technology uses a new engine, is cross platform compatible, and portable.  It works only on the person that it's registered to so it can keep a record of all the things you've used it for, making it a more personalized experience.  The interface is much simpler and user friendly.  Because it's cross platform compatible it can be used at any time by anything that can access the internet.  You never have to be without it, you always have access instantly.  No need to worry about losing a chip or dongle or traveling with a laptop.  


 How Does It Compare to SRC4U

There have been a lot of questions in regards to SRC4U, and how it compares to Meta Balance. As far as differences between SRC4U and Meta Balance, the Meta Balance engine is completely different so it is not comparable to SRC4U. The SRC4U is as professional comprehensive software tool, that works on others, and groups of people and clients. The best way to summarize it, it's like having a portable pocket edition of SRC4U.  The frequencies are different and you will be able to feel the differences more as you experience it, which is why we encourage others to take advantage of creating a free account while it's in Beta Testing.  We will be posting more information soon on our social media platforms, and will be having a live Question and Answer Zoom with Grandmaster David on November 12th, which will be posted on our Youtube Page so you are able to view it anytime.

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