This is a Brazilian Amethyst Chevron Pendant, and features a beautiful purple amethyst stone, surrounded by white.  There is a beautiful flower buddha bead at the top, along with decorative seed pearl, and another small amethyst stone. The slender shape makes it perfect for use as a pendulum, and can double as a necklace when worn on a long chain.  I just love this pendant, it has a feminine mother Earth energy to it, with pretty and beautiful tones of joyous energies, uplifting, and creativity tones as well. When I look at this it makes me feel happy inside, I love admiring it's unique beauty. This pendant stone is from Sedona, hand made and wire wrapped with intuition and love by Lois of Winged Pendants. You won't find another one like it, it's definitely one of a kind. I took extra photos of this one, it really is beautiful. 

Brazilian Amethyst Chevron Pendant