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Conversations With Grandmaster David

Introducing a transformative new class called "Conversations With Grandmaster David".  In these invaluable classes, Grandmaster David delves into a wide range of fascinating topics that encompass all aspects of life.  Grandmaster David, with his profound knowledge in Chinese Medicine, ancient martial arts wisdom, self -help, healing techniques, and diet, guides participants on an enlightening journey.  

Exploring areas such as meridians, health, and holistic well-being, these classes equip individuals with the tools to navigate life with ease and clarity.  The wealth of information shared in Conversations With Grandmaster David is not only empowering but also offers invaluable insights that can be applied to create a meaningful change and promote harmonious living. 



         Join Us Live On Zoom

Grandmaster Shares his Wisdom and Guidance on Lifestyle, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Diet, Meridians, Chi, Organs, TCM, Self Help and Healing Techniques,  Deep Insight. and More, to Help you Better Navigate Life.

JOIN US for LIVE every Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST, as our host Tara Jex has a conversation with Grandmaster David via Zoom about life, health, meridians, Chinese Medicine, healing techniques, ancient martial arts, and more! PLUS The During The Last Class of Every Month, You Will Have An Opportunity To Ask A Direct Question To Grandmaster David.  

Past Topics Include: Core Congestion, Addressing Damp Heat, The Ring Trick, Female Hormones, Nourishing Yin, Nourishing Qi and Blood, and More! 

Remote Shun Shen Tao Classes

Grandmaster David has two separate series of classes currently available, the emotional clearing class series, and the spiritual clearing class series. 

Emotional clearing is the pre-requisite for the spiritual clearing class. Both classes feature extremely powerful Shun Shen Tao techniques, developed and taught by Grandmaster David, who simplifies complex quantum based energy techniques and modalities, and makes them easy to learn, understand, and practice. 

Remote Classes are available for purchase and can be viewed online via our Youtube Channel, at Classes were taped live, at the time of teaching, and uploaded via private link to our youtube channel. 

If you wish to gain access to the classes, after payment is received you will receive the link to view the video.

Classes can be purchased for $200 each, or $700 for the series. These techniques are extremely powerful, and can be used on yourself, loved ones, or clients. They are for anyone, including regular individuals looking to learn, as well as professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skill sets.  The videos are easy to understand, and you will be able to start practicing the techniques immediately after viewing the video. 

Currently, the classes available for viewing and purchase is as follows:

Emotional Clearing Class:

Class 1 -    The Vortex Technique Part 1
                   The Vortex Technique Part 2
Class 2 -     The Drop Technique Part 1
                    The Drop Technique Part 2

Class 3 & 4 Emotional Clearing Part 1
                    Emotional Clearing Part 2

Spiritual Clearing Class:

Class 1       Spiritual Clearing Class Part 1
                    Spiritual Clearing Class Part 2
                    Spiritual Clearing Class Part 3
                    (Grandmaster David teaches the basics of spiritual clearing.)

Class 2 -     Spiritual Clearing Class 2
                    (Grandmaster David discusses in detail various spiritual 
                     phenomenon including pacts, rituals, and more; and how to 
                     safely break them and clear up any negative


Class 3 -     Spiritual Clearing Class 3
                    (Grandmaster David Harris covers quieting the body for                            meditation to connect with the Hun and clearing deep
                    rooted spiritual issues.
 Introduction into PO disorders.)

Class 4 -     Spiritual Clearing Class Part 1
                    Spiritual Clearing Class Part 2
                    Spiritual Clearing Class Part 3
                    (Reading Eye Deviations)

To purchase a class please email, or visit our online shop and purchase the classes or series you are interested in. Please make sure to include your email address in the order comments, or email us directly with your email so we can send you the link to the video(s) you have purchased. 

Thank You!

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