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Conversations with Grandmaster David

An Invaluable New Ongoing Class

Introducing a transformative new class called "Conversations With Grandmaster David".  In these invaluable classes, Grandmaster David delves into a wide range of fascinating topics that encompass all aspects of life.  Grandmaster David, with his profound knowledge in Chinese Medicine, ancient martial arts wisdom, self -help, healing techniques, and diet, guides participants on an enlightening journey.  Exploring areas such as meridians, health, and holistic well-being, these classes equip individuals with the tools to navigate life with ease and clarity.  The wealth of information shared in Conversations With Grandmaster David is not only empowering but also offers invaluable insights that can be applied to create a meaningful change and promote harmonious living. 

Watch At Your Leisure

You Can Purchase Past Classes By The Month.

The Cost is normally $250 per class, but right now you can enjoy these classes for only $200 per month!! These classes feature over 4 hours of learning monthly. You can purchase past classes by clicking the link below, and view anytime at your leisure.

Join us live on Zoom for ongoing classes! You can sign up for future classes by copying and pasting the link below. We only have two more months of live classes left, so sign up now!


We learned both beginner and advanced Dowsing during the month of November, using Raymon Grace's Bobber Tool, a highly effective hand made, one of a kind dowsing tool!    

We also learned Yes Therapy and The Shen Technique both beginner and advanced protocols. These are two incredibly powerful self help therapies developed by Grandmaster David. They are part of his own healing system Shun Shen Tao, which means "The Easy Spiritual Way".

Grandmaster David allows for an extremely easy teaching method, so anyone can learn these powerful techniques. They are helpful to the lay person, as well as seasoned practitioners for use with their clients. 

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