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And The New Miracle Line of Products

The Miracle Bracelet is new technology that offers advanced support of healthy life functions.  


                                                WHAT IS IT? 


The Miracle Bracelets are blessed with love and prayer. The Miracle Line of Products are made with the intention of strengthening and balancing energies associated with Shun Shen Tao practices.

                                      WHAT DOES IT DO?

The bracelet is a stress reduction product, and its goal is to help alleviate stress.  Our Miracle Line of products are targeted towards maintaining strong energy within, so you feel good and have enough stamina to keep up with daily challenges. Long term use is beneficial for keeping your energy up and fighting fatigue throughout long and tiresome days. Customers have reported they generally notice an increase in energy and vitality.  Each experience is unique depending on where your current stress level lies.
Completely optional yet revolutionary, is the ability to enhance the Miracle Bracelet, using a brand new interactive software that is part of the SRC4U technology.  This interactive software works with the Miracle Bracelet to enhance it with additional energies that support calming, bedtime, and energy, to name a few. This software is optional, but a wonderful tool to enhance the capabilities of the Miracle Bracelet. For those who wish to access the software but do not have SRC4U, we now offer affordable monthly subscriptions starting at just $9.99 per month.  For those who do not have the SRC4U software, you can still use the bracelet just the way it is. No other enhancements are necessary to experience the full benefits of all the Miracle Bracelet has to offer. 
All of our products are enhanced with SRC4U protocols crafted by Grandmaster David himself to make for an optimum experience.
Miracle Bracelet Retail Pricing: $350
Bracelet Variety Varies. Please email or call for availability
Miracle Plate Lanyard Retail Pricing: $300
SRC Owners, Contact Us For Wholesale Pricing on 5 or more items.

To Place An Order Email us at

We will send you a secure Stripe billing invoice.

You can also place a phone order at 813-421-9475

The Miracle Bracelet comes in a beautiful customized box.


Both Men and Womens Bracelets Available


 The Miracle Plate Lanyard does not require batteries, or charging. It does not require electricity. 

The Miracle Plate Lanyards are made with the intention of balancing and strengthening.

The Miracle Plate Lanyard is blessed with prayer.

The Miracle Plate Lanyard can be further enhanced using the interactive SRC4U Software.


The Miracle Plate Lanyard can be worn around the neck, or taken off of the lanyard and used under a pillow, or behind your back. It can also be carried in your purse. 

For a powerful experience, wear the lanyard for an hour while using the Miracle Program in the SRC4U 

This is a brand new revolutionary technology made possible by Grandmaster David Harris.

Here are some testimonials from some of our happy customers. 


"Very good experience. Started using it the day received, and there has been more energy over the the past 5 days. I think my energy has improved by at least 50%." --Karen B.

"Right away my husband and I noticed an increase in energy and overall well being. I find this technology exciting and amazing. I'm excited about the future of the Miracle Bracelet and Lanyard and development of more product." --Ruth D.

"The Lanyard arrived yesterday afternoon.  I used it right way. After about 30 minutes I didn't notice anything at that time, however I did feel calmer later that evening.  Placed it under my pillow and woke up with less stiffness. Looking forward to using it." -- Steven D.

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