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 We are pioneers in quantum energy technologies. With our innovative software and energy techniques, we are revolutionizing the way energy is understood and harnessed.  Through our groundbreaking SRC4U Professional Software and Meta Balance Personal Software, we provide innovative solutions for optimizing energy balance and well-being.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest groundbreaking technology, Meta Balance. This advanced software is designed to revolutionize the way you handle stress and rejuvenate your mind, all accessible through your fingertips on your Apple or Android cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Create a free account at and start using it for yourself!

SRC4U Quantum Software 

This software is state of the art technology made possible by Grandmaster David Harris, CEO and founder of SRC4U. You can now access the divine energy matrix to enhance the life force energy in your body.
Based in quantum physics, the software can be difficult to explain or understand. We recommend starting with a free trial, to experience it firsthand.
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As Pioneers of Quantum Energy, We Look Forward To Improving Your Life For the Better With Our Innovative Stress Reduction Software, Tools and Services. Please Click The Appropriate Button Below, and Make Sure to Like, Follow and Subscribe to our Social Media Channels to Stay Updated! 

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