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This unique Gua Sha tool will make a wonderful addition to your self care collection!  What makes this gua tool unique is it can be used directly over the clothes, to break up stagnation, and move chi. It's great for encouraging lymph, chi and blood circulation, and reducing stuck stagnant energy that can lead to symptoms of pain and discomfort in the body. 


You can also use this directly on the skin, with a little bit of oil, as a traditional gua sha tool.


Wearing a thin layer of clothing is recommended when wearing clothes, or you can remove the clothes, and use the gua sha tool through a thin sheet. 


If using on a client, this is perfect for getting the back, and front and back of the legs. 


If using on yourself, you can use this after each meal on the front of the legs (stomach meridian) to help with digestion, and reduce indigestion. You can use it anywhere you can reach, such as the arms. 


This gua sha tool is blessed with prayer energy and chi as well. 


This is one of Emily's favorite self help tools!  Check our youtube channel soon for a video on this amazing self help therapy tool!



Gua Sha Tool Charged

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