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Happy Girl Tea is Grandmaster David's specialty tea, to balance women's hormones. The tea is made in our clinic, and may help support PMS symptoms, deficiencies in female hormones, improved mood, hot flashes, moodiness,  reduced stress, restful sleep, regulate the bowels, and reduce menstrual cramps.


The tea consists of: Organic Chamomile flowers, Organic Black Cohosh, Organic Dong Quai,  Organic Damiana. 


Directions: Shake the bag well, and take a 3 fingered pinch, and put into a mug. Pour boiling water and let steep for 20 minutes. Drain the herbs, and drink the tea. Recommended twice per day during your menstrual cycle, OR for long term use, may take for 2-3 months to help balance hormones. 

Happy Girl Tea

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