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We are SO excited to have received a limited shipment of rare Orgonite!


These pieces are absolutely beautiful and have such a powerful energy.

Orgonite generates an Orgone Field which MAY:


Clear Negative Energy

Improve Sleep and Dreams

Purify The Air

Reduce Stress & Increase Energy

Help Plants to Flourish

Improve Meditation, Spiritual and Psychological Growth

Decrease Senstivity to EMF's

Balance Moods


Orgonite has been known to reduce negative energy by attracting positive orgone, which in turn helps you experience improved health and well-being.


These pieces were hand selected by Grandmaster David and Emily, and further enhanced with prayer energy.


They are wonderful additions to any home, and also make a great gift!

We have them listed at in introductory price as well.


You can place them in different areas of your home, and you will notice a positive shift in the energy. We know you will LOVE these just as much as we do.


Keep an eye on our online store, as we have a limited amount of other Orgonite pieces arriving soon!

Orgonite Obsidian w Quartz

  • All sales are final

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