These beautiful one of a selenite crystal necklaces are popular among both men and women. These necklaces have been charged with over 1,000 healing and clearing frequencies, and may help align the energies of the body, providing increased energy, relaxation, and focus. Selenite is a very peaceful, calming crystal that has the ability to clear away negative energy. If you feel stressed out, tired, or angry, holding a selenite crystal can help clear away the negative energy and leave you feeling calmer and more centered.Selenite is an excellent crystal to use during meditation. Place one nearby while you meditate or hold a piece in your hand to help keep your mind clear, lucid, and calm. This is a great necklace to protect you from negative energies, and also transmute the negative energy into positive. It is a clearing stone. Selenite may also strengthen the kidneys and bladder. The necklaces are also charged with clearing and protection frequencies, making this perfect for anyone who would like additional emotional support in their day to day activities. Each necklace will differ slightly in shape, formation, and color, as they are all unique. The necklace you receive may not be the actual picture but it will be very close, as they are all similar. 

Selenite Necklaces (Charged)

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