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Note- Please enter the coupon code FREESHIP at checkout, to waive the shipping fee as this is a Digital Purchase. We will EMAIL You the videos as soon as possible, please check your spam folder, and let us know confirmation of when you have received them. 


Grandmaster David has available two separate series of classes! The classes are viewable through an unlisted Youtube Link, which you will receive via email after purchase. After check out, please also email as a back up to guarantee that we have your contact information and can send you the link. These AMAZING Classes were taped live. There are a total of eight classes available, and two different series. The Emotional Series, and Spiritual Series.


This is for the Spiritual Clearing Series, which includes the following:


Class 1      Spiritual Clearing Class Part 1
                    Spiritual Clearing Class Part 2
                    Spiritual Clearing Class Part 3
                    (Grandmaster David teaches the basics of spiritual clearing.)

Class 2 -    Spiritual Clearing Class 2
                    (Grandmaster David discusses in detail various spiritual 
                     phenomenon including pacts, rituals, and more; and how to 
                     safely break them and clear up any negative

Class 3 -    Spiritual Clearing Class 3
                    (Grandmaster David Harris covers quieting the body for                                            meditation to connect with the Hun and clearing deep
                    rooted spiritual issues. Introduction into PO disorders.)

Class 4 -   Spiritual Clearing Class Part 1
                    Spiritual Clearing Class Part 2
                    Spiritual Clearing Class Part 3
                    (Reading Eye Deviations)


These videos feature Grandmaster David teaching his exclusive Shun Shen Tao Qi Gong Techniques, which he developed.  These techniques were developed through many years of training, and were simplified so that they may be easily understood by both the lay person, and are add invaluable tools to high level practitioners! At the end of each video you will be able to practice the technique you have just learned on clients, family members and loved ones ( and even pets!).  We recommend the Emotional Series first, then followed by the Spiritual Series. The Emotional Series is the pre-requisite for the Spiritual Series. 


Shun Shen Tao Spiritual Clearing Series

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