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Latest Non-Invasive Treatment For Fat Loss, Toning and Skin Tightening

Hifu Advanced Technology

HIFU Body Sculpting is a revolutionary non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses focused ultrasound to combat localised fat, reduce cellulite, tighten loose skin and sculpt your body. It is the latest technology in targeted fat removal and skin tightening.

HIFU Body Sculpting treatment works by penetrating the skin with ultrasound energy to stimulate fat reduction and collagen production in the deep dermal and subdermal levels. As the skin structure responds to treatment, it increases collagen production. As these collagen fibres organise and shorten, a tightening effect begins to appear on the skin.

HIFU stands for "high intensity focused ultrasound. This technology is the most advanced and effective non-invasive solution for fat destruction and body sculpting. It uses pulsed focused ultrasound to target and reduce unwanted localized fat deposits, reduce body circumference and improve body shape.

The ultrasonic energy used in the HIFU treatment generates heat in the deeper layers of the skin, causing a thermal reaction which triggers the body’s natural healing response and formation of new collagen and tissue regeneration. This process leads to a gentle lifting and tightening of the skin, for a more defined and sculpted look.

Some people will see results straight after treatment, while other results may be seen from 2 to 4 months after treatment. 



  D        Painless, Zero Downtime, No Surgery

                   Firms and Tightens the Skin

                            Reduces cellulite

                           Safe and Effective

            Comfortable and Painless Treatments


                   No Anesthesia or Downtime

                       Immediate Recovery


       Why We Get The Best Results

We combine the most Advanced Hifu Technology, with our customized stretching therapy and lymph massage techniques, to ensure the flow of chi to help the body to assist in the detox process. 

Our customized stretching therapies and lymph massage techniques are included with each sculpting session.

We also offer additional therapies that can complement the body sculpting process, such as cupping therapy. 


The suction and inverse pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, sedate the nervous system, and stimulate lymph. 

We also work with licensed massage therapists trained in Shun Shen Tao, which incorporates various bodywork modalities with energy balancing.

Please email us at to set up a free consultation on a customized body sculpting session.

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     (SAME DAY)




     (SAME DAY)

We are proud to offer two locations in Florida.
We are currently providing services in the Tampa Bay Area, as well as Destin and Fort Walton Beach.
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