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Enhance your well being, with remote qi gong energy sessions. Offering custom remote sessions, monthly sessions, and a family package which includes all the members of the household, even pets. For more information, click on Remote Energy Sessions at the top of this page, or click the link below.

Holographic Healing Discs

Divine Source Wellness Holographic Discs are charged with specific frequencies, that helps support the bodies energetic health .

The Holographic Discs are an exciting new product that helps support pain relief while promoting relaxation. Simply apply the sticker on an acupoint or an area of discomfort, and let the energetic balancing begin.

We offer several kinds of discs, in a variety of sizes, available in our online store. For more information, click on "Holographic Discs" at the top of this page, or click the link below.

Charged Crystals & Necklaces

Our beautiful collection of charged crystal necklaces provide energetic support and enhance well being. All of our necklaces are one of a kind and hand selected. They are then charged with a variety of healing frequencies, including protection, healing, and strength.  These necklaces are in limited supply and are one of our most popular items, so please make sure to check back often for new additions.
We also have a unique selection of charged crystals. To browse our collection, please visit our online store.

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