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Join us on for Conversations With Grandmaster David, a brand new class that brings Chinese Energy Wisdom straight to your living room. Join us live via Zoom Wednesdays at 1 p.m. for an hour long talk with our host Tara Jex as she talks with Grandmaster David about life, health, healing techniques, meridians, chi, ancient martial arts wisdom, and more! 


The SRC4U Software uses a combination of light, sound, and EMF to create specific vibrations that helps to calm the body's stress response.  Reduce Stress and Trauma with the click of a button.  The best way to fully understand the SRC4U is to experience it for yourself, which is why we offer a no strings attached 30 day free trial. Click to here to learn more about the SRC4U Software.

Enhance your well being, with our revolutionary one of a kind remote energy programs. These programs are customized using the SRC4U technology, to help reduce stress, and balance the body. Enhance the quality of your life with quantum energies.  For more information, click the link below.

 Remote Energy Sessions

We now offer one on one remote emotional clearing sessions. Remote means you can experience the session in the convenience of your own home, while we work on you energetically, to "clear the cobwebs" and reset and balance the auric field, chakras, and emotional centers of the body.

Remote sessions help support balance to the energetic field as powerful qi gong techniques transform and clear energetic, emotional, and spiritual blockages and debris. 


Shun Shen Tao

There are currently two series of Shun Shen Tao classes available, Emotional Clearing and Spiritual Clearing. Shun Shen Tao, which translates into "The Easy Way", is the healing system founded by Grandmaster David Harris. These advanced techniques are made simple so anyone can learn, and are also invaluable tools for the seasoned practitioner.

Dit Da Jow Healing Arts Liniment

Dit Da Jow Healing Arts Liniment, is a powerful ancient formula, that comes highly recommended as a staple in every household as it holds a magnitude of healing support.

Dit Da Jow Healing Arts Liniment was developed by Grandmaster David Harris, and consists of a custom blend of proprietary herbs and essential oils, in an alcohol base. 

          Golden Lotus Laser

We are proud to announce, we have designed our very own RED LIGHT COLD LASER DEVICE! Now you can build yourself up without having to leave your living room. Introducing The Golden Lotus Laser!  Pre-Order at a discounted rate!


We have a passion for helping others in their journey towards wellness. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be notified of all the latest videos. We offer gluten free and sugar free recipes, self help videos, qi gong techniques, and more!

Healing Stones

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