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Enhance your well being, with remote Shun Shen Tao energy monthly support programs. Energetic signals and frequencies are sent remotely via the SRC4U technology, to help reduce stress, and balance the body.  For more information, click the link below.

Remote Energy Sessions

We offer several types of remote energy sessions. 

Remote means you can experience the session in the convenience of your own home, while we work on you energetically, to "clear the cobwebs" and reset and balance the auric field, chakras, and emotional centers of the body.

We offer several types of remote sessions. These are customized, individualized, 30-60 minute sessions in which powerful qi gong energy techniques transform and clear energetic, emotional, and spiritual blockages and debris. 

Remote sessions can address a wide variety of imbalances, all in the safety of your own home. We offer communication via email, and also offer an option via skype or phone. 

You will receive a powerful and deep energetic, spiritual, and emotional clearing. This will act as a "reset" button, to help clear away negative or undesirable thoughts, emotions and feelings, including traumas and patterns, both conscious and subconscious, and more. 

Quantum Jewelry & Crystals

Our beautiful collection of charged crystal necklaces provide energetic support and enhance well being. All of our necklaces are one of a kind and hand selected. They are then infused with thousands of healing frequencies, including protection, healing, serenity, and strength.
We also have a unique selection of charged crystals. All of our jewelry and crystals are blessed with prayers and the healing energy of God. To browse our collection, please visit our online shop or click the link below.

Dit Da Jow Healing Arts Liniment

Dit Da Jow Healing Arts Liniment, is a powerful ancient formula, that comes highly recommended as a staple in every household as it holds a magnitude of healing support.

Dit Da Jow Healing Arts Liniment was developed by Grandmaster David Harris, and consists of a custom blend of proprietary herbs and essential oils, in an alcohol base. 
This formula may help support bruises, scrapes, abrasions, burns, bug bites (especially red ant, wasps and bees), strains, sprains, fungus, acne, rashes, and more.

We offer several kinds of jow, in a variety of sizes, available in our online shop. For more information, click on "Jow" at the top of this page, or click the link below.